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Astro Aminos, your all-in-one solution for essential amino acids, redefines the standard BCAA with a powerhouse blend of 9 amino acids. Scientifically formulated to support muscle protein synthesis, combat exercise-induced fatigue, preserve muscle tissue, and accelerate muscle recovery, Astro Aminos take your fitness journey to new heights.
How To Use

Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) in 10-14oz of water (adjust for taste preference) and shake well.

  • On training days, consume 1 scoop during exercise and 1 scoop after exercise.
  • On non-training days, consume 2 scoops throughout the day.

For best results, consume daily.

Manufactured in the USA

Our products are made in cGMP compliant facilities in the United States, using only the best ingredients from domestic & international origins. For us, it's all about quality control - so you can have confidence in your dietary supplements.

Elevate Your Amino Acid Game

Unlock Optimal Muscle Recovery and Growth

Essential Amino Acids (8g)

Power-packed with 8 grams of essential amino acids for optimal muscle support.

Muscle Recovery & Growth

Engineered to boost muscle recovery and facilitate growth. Rapid Muscle Rebuilding: Rebuild muscle faster than it breaks down for accelerated recovery.

Advanced Hydration

Unique electrolyte blend matches mineral loss during training, enhancing hydration.

Increased Exercise Performance

Elevate exercise performance and potentially aid in fat-burning during workouts.

6 Hand selected Ingredients

We personally source each ingredient ourselves and provide them directly to our manufacturer
because we believe you should only receive the finest and purest ingredients inside our products

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