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Introducing the "Couples Stack," a powerful and harmonious combination of two products designed to support optimal hormone balance for both men and women, leading to a myriad of health benefits. This synergistic duo is meticulously formulated to address the unique hormonal needs of each gender, promoting overall well-being and vitality for couples.

Elevated For Him:

  • Increased energy, strength, and vitality
  • Reduced stress and improved focus
  • Boosted libido and sexual performance
  • Support for muscle growth and a fit physique

Embrace For Her:
  • Restored hormonal balance and mood stability
  • Regularized menstrual cycles and reduced discomfort
  • Improved skin health and radiance
  • Enhanced fertility support

Combined Benefits:
  • Mutual support in achieving hormonal balance for both partners
  • Overall well-being and vitality
  • Improved communication and emotional connection
  • Compatibility and harmony within the relationship


How To Use


  • Take four (4) capsules once daily with a meal in the morning.

    For best results, take for a minimum of 3-6 months and beyond.


  • Take three (3) capsules once daily with a meal in the morning.

    For best results, take for a minimum of 3-6 months and beyond.


Do you want to increase your drive? Improve your strength and endurance? Create lean muscle mass? No matter your desire, Elevated™ can take care of it all.

This category of supplements is very interesting for most people who are exploring testosterone augmentation. Our combination of Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali have show results of 250 point increase in total testosterone. In most cases they work very well to increase testosterone by about 100 to 200 points.

These combination of ingredients have even been discussed on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Specifically about the power of Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali, and how two ingredients can increase testosterone by a mile. Check out the episode here. 

  • Tongkat Ali is designed to take your strength and power to the next level with its ability to increase testosterone.
  • KSM-66 can enhance muscle mass and muscle strength, and decrease body fat in conjunction with resistance training.
  • Fadogia Agrestus can increase levels of testosterone in the blood within five days of oral administration. It also supports healthy male performance and function throughout the body.

Elevated™, our male virility and hormonal optimization formula, is packed with Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali, as well as KSM-66. Its all-in-one formula supports increased testosterone production, improved strength and endurance, enhanced lean muscle production and better physical performance. 


Looking to increase your energy, mood, and skin complexion? Embrace may be perfect for you! 

Forty-three percent of women say hormones have negatively affected their overall well-being, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 American women, also found that nearly half (47 percent) have experienced the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance.

This formula is designed to manage stress levels and help increase libido. Plus, it can improve skin complexion. Embrace® is made with natural ingredients, and is vegan, gluten and dairy free.

  • KSM-66® Clinically shown to relieve stress, improve brain health, as well as decrease body fat in conjunction with resistance training.
  • Maca increases natural energy, promotes healthy hormone balance and helps stimulate and support libido.
  • 7-Keto-DHEA speeds up the metabolism and heat production to promote weight loss. 7-Keto-DHEA is also used to improve lean body mass and build muscle, increase the activity of the thyroid gland, boost the immune system, enhance memory, and slow aging.
  • DIM aids in estrogen metabolism and prevents drastic increases or decreases in estrogen. Prevents conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Embrace®, our all-natural supplement designed to help improve your energy levels, mood, skin complexion, stress levels and libido. Embrace is also vegan and gluten-free, making it a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.

Manufactured in the USA

Our products are made in cGMP compliant facilities in the United States, using only the best ingredients from domestic & international origins. For us, it's all about quality control - so you can have confidence in your dietary supplements.


Unlike those other companies that make it almost impossible to return anything, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products for any reason! Even if you’ve opened it! If you don’t open it, you’ll never know how amazing it is, right?

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