About Us

Where We Come From

AstroFlav® was started by a couple of us who, for years, worked in supplement stores. Through one-on-one interactions and listening to what customers said, we realized that they felt the supplement industry was ignoring their needs. We were able to learn what consumers wanted through direct customer feedback. That made us want to build a high-trust company in a currently low-trust industry, where we could focus on customer service and satisfaction. Through the passion we share with our clientele, we lead with compassion, bringing trust & integrity back to everyone trying to make changes in their lives because we know that is all they would ask of us.

Born from years and countless hours dedicated to understanding what people want and need, AstroFlav® is the people’s brand. We pride ourselves in bringing you premium supplements that will get you to where you want to be, along with Out Of This World Flavors™, we sell an experience rather than a product. 

Core Values

  • Trust.
  • Integrity.
  • Compassion.
  • Provide Results.

Our Mission

We firmly believe in product-over-profit. This means that we put money back into the products before putting money into our own pockets. At AstroFlav®, we believe that you should treat others the way you’d like to be treated. For that reason we only make products that we trust to take ourselves.

We also pride ourselves in leading with compassion. We know that everyone is fighting their own inner battles, and we do our best to help, even through e-commerce, by relating to our customers on a personal level. The supplements we sell are just the bridge and source of connection, but for us, it’s all about the bigger picture: relating to people and being a part of their individual journey. We are not just looking to sell a product to a customer once, but rather establish a long-term relationship. We will always lead with passion and gratitude, and be a voice for the everyday person who feels they are being unheard. We will continue to do what’s right and set positive examples. We will give back. 

Our Team

AstroFlav’s® Team is your Average Joe from every aspect of health and fitness, no paid actors, just real people. We provide elite supplements and nutrition for any individual at any mile in their journey.