Double Stuffed Recipes

Oreo Banana Protein Ice-cream

Yields 1 serving


3 Tablespoon Double Stuffed Cookies & Cream protein powder

1 frozen banana, sliced into small pieces

2 Tablespoon Greek yogurt

1 Oreo cookie (optional)



  1. First, grab a very ripe banana, peel and chop it into somewhat small slices. The shape doesn’t matter since we are going to blend them.
  2. Put the banana pieces in an airtight container and freeze for at least 2 hours or overnight.
  3. When the banana pieces are completely frozen, place them in the food processor or high-speed blender then add the protein powder and the Greek yogurt. Pulse to break up the frozen bananas. The mix will look a little crumbly at first but keep pulsing.
  4. Scrape down the sides of the food processor to ensure that everything is getting blended.
  5. Continue blending until the you get a smooth mixture. At this point you can stop and enjoy your protein ice cream or add in one crumbled Oreo to the ice cream and pulse a couple more times to get it incorporated.
  6. Serve right away!

Protein Oreo shake

Yields 1 serving


2 Cups almond milk or any milk you desire

1 Scoop Double Stuffed Cookies & Cream protein powder

3 Oreo cookies with the filling removed

¼ Teaspoon vanilla

Sugar free whipped cream + crumbled Oreos for topping (optional)



  1. Add in all the ingredients into the blender starting with the milk. Blend on high until smooth and desired consistency has been reached.
  2. If this protein smoothie is too thick for your liking add a little more milk or water to get the perfect smoothie!
  3. Optional: Top with the sugar free whipped cream and sprinkle some crumbled Oreo cookie on top.