Optimizing your calorie and macro nutritional intake is the most important thing you can do to help you achieve your fitness goals... even more important than the supplements you take (which is hard for us, a supplement company, to admit).

This calculator is extremely unique, with an advanced algorithm that can compute your calorie and macro needs, based on your specific personal information, lifestyle habits, workout routine, AND your goal!

Not only that, but with these specific inputs, our algorithm is capable of providing you with tailored supplement recommendations that will help you hit your macronutrient numbers, intensify your workouts and recovery, and accelerate weight loss or muscle gains.

The calculator is broken down into 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Basic Information

Step 2: Select Your Lifestyle

Step 3: What Best Describes Your Typical Workout Routine?

Step 4: What Best Describes Your Goal?

Calculate Your Macros And Calories

Step 1: Basic Information


Male Female



Current Weight

Goal Weight

Step 2: Select Your Lifestyle

Spend Most Of the Day Sitting (Working on Computer, No Exercise)
Light Activity
Spend a Good Part Of The Day On Your Feet (Teacher, Real Estate)
Spend A Good Part Of The Day Doing Physical Activites (Waitress, UPS Driver)
Very Active
Spend A Good Part Of The Day Doing Heavy Physical Activites (Brick Layer, Mover)

Step 3: What best describes your typical workout routine?

I don’t regularly perform any exercise or I may go for short walk a couple times per week
I perform light intensity exercise 2-4 days per week (you are still able to hold a conversation during this intensity)
I perform moderate intensity exercise 3-5 days per week (your heart rate should be elevated, so holding a conversation would be difficult, but you are not gasping for breath)
I perform very intense exercise 4-6 days per week (very heaving breathing, unable to have a conversation) OR I perform moderate intensity exercise 6-7 days per week.

Step 4: What best describes your goal?

Fat loss
Fat loss, but add muscle
Gain weight but maintain current muscle mass
(lose a little fat gain a little muscle)
Build muscle mass

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