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AstroFlav Multivitamin is a comprehensive and effective solution designed for individuals aged 18 years and above, looking to support general health and micro-nutrition. Whether you aim to enhance performance, aid recovery, or maintain overall health, our Multivitamin offers a complete solution. Optimize your energy production, fill nutritional gaps, and enjoy added cardiovascular and antioxidant support. Don't compromise on your health – try AstroFlav Multivitamin today!
How To Use

Take three (3) tablets once daily in the morning with a meal.

Manufactured in the USA

Our products are made in cGMP compliant facilities in the United States, using only the best ingredients from domestic & international origins. For us, it's all about quality control - so you can have confidence in your dietary supplements.

Optimize Your Health, Boost Your Performance

Unlock Your Peak Health Potential with AstroFlav Multivitamin Benefits for Optimum Health:

Comprehensive Formula

Covers micro-nutrient needs for optimum health.

57 Active Ingredients

Provides the body with what it needs to perform at its best.

PrimaVie® Shilajit

Contains 100mg for enhanced mitochondrial function and overall fitness.

Supports Energy Production

Through a comprehensive B vitamin complex.

Cardiovascular Health

Enhances heart health and antioxidant defense.

Tru Absorb™ Technology

Ensures highly bioavailable forms of minerals and vitamins for maximum absorption.

1 Hand selected Ingredients

We personally source each ingredient ourselves and provide them directly to our manufacturer
because we believe you should only receive the finest and purest ingredients inside our products

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PrimaVie® Shilajit

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